Got a question?

You can probably find it here. If not, email us at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Where are CANDOR ® products made/produced?

All our pieces are made in Pátzcuaro, México. A small beautiful town in the center of Mexico. If you want to know more about us please visit ABOUT.


How should I wash my products?

Each product has its own washing label inside the product, you can always visit our CARE section for more information.


Do I have to wash my bedding pieces before using?

You don’t have to, but it’s better if you want to start to feel the softness of your textiles.


Is it possible to tumble dry my cotton pieces?

Some pieces can tumble dry, but please verify your product label first or visit our CARE section.

Bringing a long lasting life to your products its important, that’s why we recommend hang in the shade instead of tumble dry.


My products came with a particular smell

You may perceive a particular smell in some of our products, this is because of the place they were made at by the artisans, sometimes it’s their homes. Don’t worry, once you wash your products this smell will disappear.


Our cotton

We search for the best cotton fiber selection to offer you quality, softness and freshness.

CANDOR ® products are manufactured with 100% brushed cotton which is a type of cotton with softer characteristics than the common used. We produce our fabrics only with Mexican cotton, with quality dyed pigments that don’t fade with washes and maintain your pieces’ colors for a longer period of time. More about OUR COTTON

The product I want is out of stock

If an item is sold out, we will try to restock as fast as possible. Please email us at to find out when it will be back in stock and be added to our restock notification list.


Which payment methods you accept?

Payments are processed with Paypal or Stripe for debit and credit cards (we accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express)

For trade or volume orders please contact us at to receive transference information.


How you use my data / information?

Please visit our PRIVACY POLICY to know more about how we use your information.


How can I make an urgent order?

Our shipments are made between 3-5 business days, if you need an express shipping, please contact us at to try to make it express.


How long does it take for my order to arrive?

Our shipments are sent between 3-5 business days, expect some delays on high seasons. You can always track your package with your tracking number which appears in your purchase order.


Do you place international orders?

Yes, we do! Only to USA, Canada and Europe. All international orders are final sale and taxes may apply when the package arrives to the destination country. Please read our Terms and Conditions at the SHIPPING section for more information. (our prices do not include these tax or duties mentioned)


Our package

Candor is a brand that cares about the planet and our foot print. That’s why all our shipments are sent in reusable cardboard boxes, with no plastic finish or covers, as also our labels which are printed on recycled kraft paper.

Certain products have to be necessarily shipped with plastic bags or plastic wrap to protect the products or vacuum them. If you prefer to receive your package with 0% plastic, please add a note at check out. The world and us will thank that.

Our duvet covers are sent in a matching fabric which are perfect to save shoes, socks or underwear. Even can be used as market bags for veggies and fruits.

Please consider to reuse your product’s package to give a second life to the materials generated for your shipping.


Which are your shipping and return policies?

Please read carefully our TERMS AND CONDITIONS at RETURNS section.


I’m an interior designer, architect, hotel and I’m interested on placing a large scale order.

We love working alongside architects, interior designers and studios and hotels, besides offering competitive trade rates for your projects. Please apply via email by sending us your information and project specifications to


Do you make special order requests in size, color or design?

Some projects can be made specially for your needs, please send your idea or project characteristics to



We love to hear from you! For any questions, doubts or just say hello, write us at