We want to share with you the love for natural materials, the handmade process and the care for your items, to give them a longer lifetime. Our cotton is proudly 100% Mexican, spooned and dyed in Puebla with dyes that do not fade or shrink. Our natural fiber is fresh, light, breathable and highly soft because of the spinning process. Since it’s a natural fiber, it owns the ability to change with time and become softer in each washing. At CANDOR ® we prefer to work with natural materials to avoid harm the user neither the planet.




Please look at your products internal care label or look after these care instructions.

Our cotton fabric is hand made on pedal loom, this does not make them fragile or less resistant. We only recommend to be careful with trimmings and specific tissues for a better performance of the product to last much longer.


Please take care of your products, and also enjoy them as much as possible and let them age beautifully with you. According to the following specifications you may find the way to care your product. If you still have doubts, please contact us at hola@candorhome.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.






  • Do not wash with harmful, strong or abrasive detergents
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not expose to direct sun for long periods of time
  • Wash separately with similar colors (our pieces do not fade)
  • Iron maximum temp. (150º C / 300º F)



  • If your product has loose fringes (with single threads you can touch) longer than 5cm
  • If your product has tassels or pompoms
  • If your product has open or delicate tissues




  • If your product has all knotted fringes
  • If your product has loose fringes shorter than 5cm
  • If your product doesn’t have pompons, tassels, long loose fringes or open tissues.




  • If your product qualifies for machine wash you can also tumble dry in a warm cycle.
  • If your product can’t be machine wash, hang on the shadow or few hours under the sun.
  • You wouldn’t need to iron your bedding if instantly you make your bed after drying
  • Never leave wet for a long period.



  • If you machine wash by mistake a long fringe or pompom product, you can always brush carefully your product fringes with a comb and iron later.

If any product got unstitched, please contact us and we’ll help to repair your product.


We love to hear from you! For any questions, doubts or just say hello, write us at hola@candorhome.com