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CANDOR ® (Est. 2015) is a handmade textile goods brand that employs only natural fibers and traditional manufacturing techniques to create timeless homeware, decoration products, and relaxed personal accessories. Our workshop is located in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán; a beautiful Pueblo Mágico in central Mexico established as the cultural and commercial meeting point for the riviera towns.

Translating tradition into contemporary interpretations, ​CANDOR ®​ creates high-quality textile goods for the free-spirited individual with a simple, yet authentic, lifestyle detached from trends and seasons.

As defined, candor means sincerity, soul purity and simplicity focused on the positive, the non-stereotyped beauty and a free spirit centered in enjoying life.

Our main inspiration comes from wanderlust and culture, from visualizing it relevant and active in the search of the comfort that comes along with beauty.

We thoroughly believe in and value the skill poured into the craftwork. We understand, respect and stick to the required timing and processes to achieve elevated artisanal quality in our textile pieces for an exceptional daily use.

Together, we proudly create beautiful products under fair working conditions, fostering creativity and open collaboration. Sharing knowledge keeps us inspired and eager to explore new possibilities, while preserving the use and cultural relevance of ancient techniques.


We are preserving tradition meanwhile innovating within the technic.
We show you a little bit of our process:



Our cotton is proudly 100% Mexican, spooned and dyed in Puebla with dyes that do not fade or shrink.



We try to seize and benefit from the technique’s potencial such as the waiving process, to create highly thought, selected and designed products.



It’s one of the hardest parts of the process, it’s a mathematical and accounting process that determines the length, thickness and design of the fabric.



Weaving in pedal loom is one of Michoacan’s principal production and artisan processes.



A fundamental part for the quality of our products, there’s nothing like perfect finished seams.



Some of our products are carefully hand-knotted and finished by craftswomen.



Slight variations on finishes are celebrated and appreciated, however we are always trying to keep a high quality and consistency product.



Our team

Juan ~ Weaver

“Weaving gives me plenty of satisfaction; my father taught me. It’s important that this art doesn’t get lost. ”

Alejandro ~ Weaver

“I have been weaving for more than twenty years and I feel very proud to see how good our work looks.”

Gabriel ~ Weaver

“I have been weaving since I was twelve. I like to see our finished products and to know I collaborated to achieve them.”

Ruperto ~ Warper

“I’m proud to get our work and our tradition acknowledged by Mexicans and foreigners alike.”

César ~ Weaver

“I enjoy the workshop’s quietness and the loom. For me, CANDOR ® is the opportunity to learn something new.”

Alfredo ~ Weaver

“I like that CANDOR ® is very different from other workshops; I learned to weave when I was fourteen.”

Milagros ~ Hand knotted finishes and cutter

“I’m very happy and proud to collaborate with CANDOR ®. I like to [...] with this I help my family”

Yackeline ~ Hand knotted finishes

“I learned from my sister Milagros. I loved learning new things!”

Elizabeth ~ Hand knotted finishes

“To get to know what can be made with the hands and not with machines.”

Sara ~ Hand knotted finishes

“My daughter taught me! It’s important that our traditions don’t get lost.”

Cecilia ~ Seamstress

“It’s very exciting to see people and hotels using something that you created.”

Leticia ~ Seamstress

“I have 35 years seaming. I like very much the organization and companionship at CANDOR®”

Liz ~ Quality control

“CANDOR® is love”

Yessenia ~ Workshop assistant

“To embroider and fix textiles relieves me from stress. 25 years ago I started to embroider”.

Angélica ~ Selling point

“I love being part of a community concerned with promoting art and Mexican traditions to make them visible in the whole world.”

María José ~ Selling point

“I love to live and share CANDOR ®’s essence.”

Tzitziki ~ Workshop leader

“For me, CANDOR ® is working to rescue textile traditions which have been lost and to be a part of a team that devotes so much love to the process.”

Pedro Arturo ~ Brand director

“I enjoy the search process and the synthesis to express cultural heritage and the nature of the technique in contemporary devices.”

Fernanda ~ Founder, Designer, and General Director

“I love to weave collectively, to create pieces, and beautiful, everlasting bonds.”


We love to hear from you! For any questions, doubts or just say hello, write us at hola@candorhome.com