filosofia 1000


CANDOR is a brand that reflects a relaxed lifestyle, free and genuine. As it’s defined, CANDOR is sincerity, soul purity and simplicity, always focusing in the positive side of things, the non-stereotyped beauty and a free spirit that centers in enjoying life. Our main inspiration comes from wanderlust, history and traditions, as well as from the comfort along with beauty.

Sharing knowledge enriches us and motivates us as a team. We believe and value craftwork and understand its timings and processes, therefore we feel proud of creating beautiful products altogether under fair conditions. We believe in people, their traditions and what moves them day by day, so that’s why we seek jobs goes alongside with their lifestyle, boosting plenitude throughout the productive chain work.

We manufacture our products from natural materials such as cotton, linen, palm and leather, which we transform into household items, relaxed clothes and personal accessories, with the goal of delivering always comfort and warmth.

Natural variation is celebrated in each piece, endeavoring to obtain the best quality and durability of our products.