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Our people

Juan Carlos Pérez Oros
WEAVER – Foot pedal loom
12 years of experience

“I enjoy creating textile designs and imagine the product possibilities.”

María de los Milagros Olvera
15 years of experience

“I love creating things with my hands.”

Francisca Juarez
EMBROIDERER – Cross-stitch
Learn since 12 years old

“I love the diversity of designs you can create by embroidery”

Cuanajo Team
WEAVERS – Waist loom strips
All of them learn since 12 years old

María Natividad García Nolasco
Remedios Rosalva García Nolasco
Blanca Estela García Jacobo
Maricela Rosas Rosas
María Gloria García Jacobo
Daría Agripina García Jacobo

“The waist loom is part of the heritage our ancestors left us which we want to preserve.”

Fernanda Mereles
Graduated in Dec. 2014

“I’m passionate about design exploration, admiring the ability of the hand creating process and the diversity of possibilities that can be achieved together. Noticing people’s effort embodied in their work is what moves me. I see quality of life as the essential goal of living.”