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Care instructions

At Candor we care about the items we produce, not just because they are one of a kind and handmade, also because we want you to enjoy them as long as possible. That’s why we share some special care tips for each piece we made.

  • The products you are buying are 100% cotton or brushed cotton (a finer finished cotton). As being a natural fiber it can present small changes during wash, but the garment will never shrink, loosen or fade.

All of our cotton products can be hand washed, which is what we recommend the most. They could also been dry cleaned by professionals.

Specific washing recommendations by finish:

With no fringes or embroidery:

  • Wash it on the machine with no doubt


We do not recommend machine wash, only hand, spot or dry cleaning, because these items are normally one of a kind.

Twine finish

Wash it with no worries on a delicate cycle in the machine.

Knots with short fringes 

Wash it by hand. Machine wash is not recommended on these products.

Only short fringes

Wash it on a delicate cycle in the machine.

Knots with long fringes

Hand wash or dry clean only. Machine wash is not recommended on these products, because the fringes can tangle.

More tips:

Entangled fringes:

  • Just take a tooth comb and brush the fringes gently on the same direction.
  • On wool products we only recommend professional dry clean.